No more Sitting on the Sidelines

You have an incredible passion. You want to help people. You have realized that there is something you are good at (even if it's uncomfortable to admit), that doesn’t come naturally to everyone....Now you are ready to do something about it. But what!?


You already have a small business. You are starting to help people. But you know that you want to have a bigger impact. You know you need to reach more people, on a consistent basis but it feels overwhelming and time consuming. 

We are in an incredible time where digital media has exploded. There are so many ways to share information and connect. Which is great! But also has its challenges. There are so many platforms, resources and people telling you what and how to share that it becomes paralyzing. 

So nothing happens. 

Until now!

I am going to tell you today the first steps to take so you can get started right away.


Taking a few minutes (up to an hour) to brainstorm will save you so much time over the next year. Think about your ideal client (customer avatar), and write down the following…

  • What questions do you get asked?
  • What do you wish they knew?
  • What can you teach them so they know they need your offer.

Now get on Pinterest. One by one type in your niche, topic you want to teach and then the topic of your products or services. Scroll through and write down what comes up in the feed. DO NOT click on anything! You want to get topic ideas but you do not want to copy content, so it's best to not dig into the information. 

Now it's time to expand on this and create a strategy.

Look At The Calendar

The best thing you can do with your content is to make sure it leads to your products and services. Look at your calendar and think about what you plan to promote over the next three months. 

Referring to your list. Choose 5-10 topics that you know will help you educate, build trust and help your reader be able to make the easy decision that they need you and what you have to offer. 

Then you are ready for the final planning step.

Create an Outline

Pick one topic. Make a list of 3-5 bullet points that are important to include related the the topic. Then repeat for all the topics you chose in the previous section.

Hint: These bullet points will become your subtitles and lead into social media posts. 

The goal here is to make TAKING ACTION easier. You are breaking down barriers and making your blog writing process flow so much easier. 

Now you are ready to create a new beginning. 

Now you have the first three steps to making your blog writing easier. It's time to get started. Don’t make it perfect.  Just start the brainstorming process.

From now on you will focus on taking action. 

Start NOW!

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