Nothing is Perfect

Your mind is swirling with ideas. You start writing and then IT happens. You start to question yourself.

Is that the right word to use?

Does what I am writing make sense?

Should I expand on that idea or keep it short?

What image should go with this?

Where should I post it?

Where should I post it?

I call this the ALL THE THINGS brain block. Also known as analysis paralysis.

You went from being excited about the message you wanted to share to paralyzed in a single moment. 

You are not alone. 

When we are creating our business we have these visions of exactly what we think it should all look like. From the amazing website to the impact we will make with our product or service and the income we will generate to be able to do that thing that will help our life in an important way. 

It’s time we talk about this…

I love dreaming and creating a vision. But honestly it almost never turns out the way I thought it would, because everything takes practice. I’m sorry, I know that's not exciting to hear. 

Even if you had the budget to hire experienced professionals for all your content and graphics, it still wouldn’t be perfect. Because they can’t see the exact vision in your head. 

But I have some really great news for you. I am going to share with you three ways you can bust through that perfection paralysis and take action today.

Give Yourself More Credit

You are amazing. The content you create is going to help people, and the more content you create the easier it will be. 

You will learn. 

You will grow. 

You will get content out in the word so you can help people, earn some money and keep moving forward. 

Create a Support Network

There are few things more important than have support. 

This is just as important in business as it is in life. There are times we need a cheerleader and there are times we need real and honest feedback. Cheerleaders help our confidence and pick us up when we are feeling down. While those who can give us honest feedback, in a supportive way, allow us to grow, learn and improve so we can make quicker progress. Sometimes these two can be the in one person but they are often different people. 

Think about the people around you who could fulfill these roles for you. Need to find some new people? Great! Look into business groups, Facebook groups and other connections you can create. Don’t settle for the next person that crossed your path or the first group you join. Take time to find the right people. It will be so much to you and your business!

Small Steps

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE set a higher value on taking small steps. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the big projects and long to do lists. You want to create a greater impact but there are so many pieces to take care of, that it can be a challenge to know what to do next. 

Although it is important to prioritize, it is more important to take action. Write down 5- 10 items that you know need to get done. Break each of those further, into small steps that take 10-15 minutes. Here are a few examples…

  • Write an email reaching out to a previous customer to see how they are doing
  • Brainstorm blog topic ideas
  • Pick a product or service you want to promote and write a list of the benefits your customers get (these are great pieces to include in your content)
  • Make a list of the pain points (challenges) your ideal customers are feeling, that this product or service solves. 
  • Start a list of questions you get related to your niche

All of these are specific to creating content that will help your ideal customer, identify that they need what you have to offer. With these lists you are now able to create content that converts to dedicated followers who become paying clients. 

The time is NOW. Like really, this minute. 

Now that you have the three ways you can bust through perfection paralysis and take action today it time to get moving, without hesitation. 

I know you can come up with at least one project that you have started and not finished or something you have been avoiding doing because it’s not going to be perfect. Whatever that is, DO IT TODAY!

Leave a comment and let me know the first thing you are going to do.

It won’t be perfect. But it will be incredible, because it is a huge step forward.

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