What you have to say is important

Another great idea comes and goes because, “I don’t know if anyone needs to hear that.”

I am here to tell you that PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. 

You may feel like people have already said everything that you want to say. 

That may be true. There is an abundance of information available through video and written words all over the internet. 

But you are the only YOU.  Nobody is going to say it the way you do and connect with the people who need to hear it from you. 

When you are at a point where you know that it is time to create content,  it is time to start taking one step at a time in sharing your message. Remember, your message and the way you deliver it, is going to be exactly what someone needs. The combination of you and your message is one of a kind.  

There is no secret tip or trick I can give you. SORRY! But I will be your greatest cheerleader. Until you have the confidence in yourself make sure to surround yourself with people who will support you. Reach out to a few people you know you can count on, and ask them to comment on your posts or articles. Seeing the positive feedback will not only be helpful for you but it is amazing to see how many people start to interact when they know they aren’t the first one. 

Set aside your reservations. People are missing out because YOU and YOUR message need to be seen and heard. Let your audience decide how important your message is. 

I believe in you. With practice you will gain confidence and believe in yourself too!

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