Do you get on a scale daily??

You have been working hard for the last week.. You have been getting great workouts done each week. You are eating more real foods, less processed and making healthy choices a priority. Your energy is increasing. You are feeling confident. The idea that you can live a healthy lifestyle seems within reach. You decide to step on the scale and feel crushed when you number hasn’t budged. In the matter of 10 seconds you went from feeling great about your progress and knowing you are making the right choices to feeling awful about yourself and thinking you aren’t doing anything right. This all because you decided to step on the scale!



OK...well not really, but I believe people should not weigh themselves often.


We like numbers because it gives us an easy form of evaluation. We are living in a time where instant results and feedback are expected. But when it comes to our health, that expectation becomes our biggest enemy. Great programs CAN lead to big changes but the big picture is that we want to be healthy for our life not just a few months. Lifestyle changes, that may have smaller initial “results” will be more success long term than “extreme programs” that lead to quick weight loss.

Nobody should weigh themselves more than once per week (obviously this is personal opinion, but keep reading to hear why).The scale causes us to get "mental" about what we are doing and over analyze EVERYTHING. We know that making any health change is more about the psychology and less about knowing what to do. Eat more vegetables. Eat less sugar and processed food. These are not grand revelations. However, making those choices every day becomes emotional and difficult. Removing additional emotional factors (including the scale) helps us stick to the changes we know are healthy for us long term.


There are so many factors that affect our weight on a daily basis and it is normal to fluctuate a few pounds up and down regularly. Additionally, women fluctuate with hormones and around our cycle. When you start a new program, especially those that have a strength component (as all good programs do), gaining a small amount of muscle is also likely.


Having shared all of this, I want to make sure that I am clear. I do think that the scale, when used weekly, or monthly can be a great tool. Though I feel very strongly that weight loss for lifestyle can be the focus of program it should not be the sole factor in determining the success of a fitness and/or nutrition program.


Here are a few other goals to focus on:

  • increased strength
  • increased cardiovascular health
  • increased flexibility
  • increased balance
  • increased mental clarity
  • better digestive health
  • increased energy
  • better or more stable moods
  • improved skin health
  • increased sleep quality
  • reduced blood sugar
  • reduced cholesterol
  • reduced blood pressure


Get off the scale! Set goals beyond pounds. Focus on how you want to feel and what you want to do.


Always remember to THRIVE DAILY!

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