Gift Guide to Promote Health


Let's keep this quick and easy! Here are my favorite tools to helping us live a simple and health lifestyle!


1. MyZone 

“The purpose of MyZone is to use technology to help people feel - good about exercise.” This is the heart rate monitor we have used for years! It takes exercise to the next level being able to see how our body is responding to movement and gives colorful graphs and points to make it more exciting. 


2. Kettle on fire

“We make healthy (yet delicious) bone broth soups that contain collagen to support your skin, hair, joint, and nail health.” We love this specific brand because they use responsibly sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging and grass-fed beef bones and organic chicken bones. You can choose bone broth or bone broth containing soups. All are keto friendly if you are following a keto lifestyle. 


3. Bubs

Collagen protein is my go to, I use it everyday! From promoting healthy digestion to helping skin, hair and joint’s all win! It’s a staple in my morning coffee or I add it to smoothies. Adding in the MCT Oil powder boost the collagen benefits and also helps support energy production. 


4. Instant Pot

I was so bummed when my slow cooker died. But then I realized that the Instant Pot could pressure cook and slow gook and I was THRILLED! I am all about simplifying. Having an Instant Pot has be the one tool that has helped me more that anything with simple and flavorful meals!


5. Primal Palate

These are by far my favorite spices! They are gluten free, kosher, organic and non-gmo.  I love having a variety of blends to keep cooking with lots of flavor as simple as possible! 


6. TRX

Get a great workout done anywhere! We love using the TRX for quick and effective workouts. It is easy to use at home, outside and take with you when you travel. TRX also offers incredible tools  if you are looking for more guidance or just like having a plan to follow!


You may be looking for yourself or someone else. Either way these are the best places to start when looking to build or enhance a healthy lifestyle so you can THRIVE DAILY! 



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