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There are so many parts of life that can feel out of our control. It is so easy to get into the flow of stress, anxiety and feeling as if there isn’t anything we can do to help. This becomes so clear when we see and hear about a lot of people being sick. 

One of the best things we can do to take control, be proactive and support bodies  is to work on boosting our immune systems! It is vital that we take our health seriously, acknowledge that we need to get serious about the quality of our immune system and take action when it comes to increasing our bodies ability to fight against pathogens!

You can choose to either be reactive with your health (wait for something to happen and then make a plan) or you can be proactive (have a plan to increase your health, and do what you can to avoid and decrease the severity of potential health situations)

The crappy “food” that is common, high levels of stress, not enough sleep and so much more contribute to an immune system that has low function. .

But what is really awesome is that we can do something about it. Here are ways you can take action NOW on supporting your immune system:

  1. Get 8+ hours of sleep each night

Sleep is when your body is able to do its best healing. By making sure you get adequate amounts of sleep it allows your body to heal as well as better handle stress. 

  1. Stay hydrated with 75+ oz H2O/day

Thes list of benefits that go with proper hydration is long. As far as your immune system, drinking enough water will help flush out toxins and support kidney function.

  1. Reduce stress and cope with stress in healthy ways wherever possible

Stress has an incredible effect on our body that is not easy for you to be aware of...until it gets bad. When you experience stress, nutrients are depleted (because more are used to combat the bodies response to the stress), often sleep is affected (which adds additional stress), mood and ability to handle life becomes more difficult and relationships can suffer. 

Determine where any stress is coming from, eliminate it when possible and find ways to manage stress when it occurs (meditation, exercise, talking to someone you trust).  

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

The value of increasing fruit and vegetable intake is valuable for many reasons. It adds important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants to your body and also helps increase your feeling of being full so that feelings of hunger decrease and potentially decrease the tendency to reach for processed options out of high hunger signals. 

  1. Eat less food out of packages (processed).

Processed foods add chemicals to your body that are unrecognizable. This leads to decreased function of body systems, possible toxicity over time and stress on the body to work on detoxing. This is a whole subject on its own. But i urge you to take this more seriously than you ever have. 

  1. Choose a high quality herbal blend proven to support immune function

Through history, herbal remedies were a vital part of life. It seems as pharmaceuticals have increased the use of natural remedies, like herbs, have decreased tremendously. I am so excited to this shifting, as access and education about herbs is now increasing. This is not my area of expertise (yet!) but we do use herbal immune tinctures for our family regularly and increase the dosage during times of stress, and when we know that our body needs additional support (we know we are fighting something or there is an increase of people around us who are).

  1. Diffuse and wear immune boosting essential oils 

Essential oils have been integral for our family when it comes to immune health (and honestly pretty much everything else !) There are many essential oils that support the immune system here are a few to help you get started... eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon orange, lemon and clove. Many of these oils, and recipes using them are in my book “Start Living with Essential Oils.”

  1. Spend more time outside, in the sun in moderation when possible

Moderate amounts of sunlight have been shown to increase the bodies ability to support itself against pathogens and even efficiently detect and attack malignant cells. Additionally, I know personally that getting out in the sunshine also gives me a mental “boost” and helps me handle everything better. 

There are definitely more than 8 ways to support your immune system. My goal is always to share enough information for you to learn, implement and take action in a simple way so this is good for now. 

If you are interested in more in depth information on additional supplements or protocols please send me a message ( and I would be happy to share more. 

If you have any specific questions please comment below! Also...let us know which of these you are going to take action on today!

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