Stop Focusing on the Perfect Workout Plan

A busy day….Which is normal.

A to do list a mile long...Which is normal.

Kids wanting to eat every 15 minutes...Which is normal.

Struggling to make time for myself...again, NORMAL!

I know. I know. I know.

Knowing what to do isn’t where we get derailed. 

Not doing something (like exercise) because our circumstances aren’t ideal IS what derails us.

It is too easy to let all the things (to do list, everyone needing to eat all the time, lack of me time, etc.) of daily life become overwhelming. This then leads to not getting much of anything accomplished. 

PLUS then you forget to give yourself grace and being hard on yourself doesn’t help anything else get done. 

But if you know me at all you know I’m not about getting stuck. I understand the value and importance of finding simple solutions. 

I also am not handing out a free pass to not have a plan.

What I am saying is that when life doesn’t align with the plan...pivot, don’t jump off a cliff. 

Reality: Being a mom means that we are always going to have a lot of things to do. 

Solution: Be OK with getting things done in a way that is different that we planned or is ideal. 

One of the most important ways to do this is with exercise. 

Moving our bodies is one of the best ways to help our minds and bodies function better. 

Getting moving is a daily non-negotiable.Your brain and your family will thank you (if if they don’t say it...LOL).

Many days that means having forms of exercise we can do with our kids and our entire family. 

I get it...You love your spin class, your run, your me time workout. 

I do too!

But on some days (and more at this time than not at the time I am writing this), getting moving WITH our family is going to be how it happens. 

This can look like going for a walk, family yoga, pushups, jump rope or a host of other activities. 

Starting today... you will choose moving your body with your family over not moving at all. You will give yourself grace and stop putting pressure on yourself for needing to have the perfect workout plan. You will know that moving your body today, in whatever ways it is possible, is better than the ideal workout that doesn’t get done. 

Cheers to you MOM! 

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