Being on Autopilot isn’t Serving Us

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...Is it really Friday already!?

This is how I feel sometimes. The days feel long but then before I know it we are approaching another weekend. I hate to admit it but I fell into autopilot. I can tell you about being sick for 7 months while I was pregnant with Dakota. Now I have an infant and am tired, run down and overwhelmed. For the last year it has been really comfortable to check out of life. I wish I would say this is the first time this has happened. It’s not! It is probably the longest period of time it has happened. But I can remember other times where for a month here and there I just let life happen. 

The feeling of sadness (that I wasted time). The feeling of disappointment (because I know I am meant for more). The feeling of shame (because my family deserves better). The feeling of complete overwhelm (what do I do now to change this).

All these feelings have been stronger than ever recently. When I came across an Instagram with this caption”

Change can be unsettling, partly because it requires effort and partly because it’s so comfortable to disengage and move through life on autopilot, to order in instead of cooking from scratch, to duck out of sight in real life but show up on social media, all filtered and flawless.

Yet doing more of the same isn’t working, and it’s not making us happy or healthy. We’ve come a long way from what our grandparents and great-grandparents understood: Real satisfaction in life comes from doing the effortful thing. Working hard, cooking (even growing) real food, getting through the grind with support from others, standing up for what’s right and taking care of what needs to be done even when you don’t particularly want to do it.” Tim McGraw









Strong feelings rushed into my soul as I ready this. And then read it again. And then one more time to really let it sink in. 

YES...change is unsettling.


Yes...its so comfortable to disengage and move through life on autopilot.



Doing more of the same isn’t working.

Real satisfaction in life comes from doing the effortful thing.


As moms, women, people, we have so much on our plate. While to do it all and make it look as though we love doing it all, we know deep down (or maybe right on the surface) that much of it we DO NOT love to do. We feel like we have to make someone happy. Or we want to impress someone because we have convinced ourselves that the external praise will make us happy than doing what we really want to do.


We have a good life that is full of blessings and so much to be grateful for. This is what also hold us back. Admitting that we want something different, or know we could feel better somehow feels like we are saying we aren’t happy with our life. Today it is time to realize that we can be grateful for our life and still want change.  Now it is time to acknowledge where we would like to have change in order to be our best self. Let’s be ok with a little discomfort in order to reach something even greater. 

Starting small sounds really good. Here are a few ways that I have come up with to re engage and begin to cause small change for the better…


  • Put electronics away while eating
  • Journal each day about one priority for that day
  • Write down one goal that would increase our sense of purpose
  • Spend 10 minutes with our eyes closed, in a quiet breath and just be aware of what comes up
  • Make a list of things we want to do “fill our cup”
  • Make a list of things we should do less of because they take up time without purpose
  • Make a list of people we would like to spend more time with
  • Make a list of people that we think it would be beneficial if we spent less time with
  • Plan a way to spend time in nature




We owe it to ourself, our family, our friends, our community, our world to turn off autopilot and be engaged and present in our lives, each day and create positive change. 

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  • Liz Aneloski on

    Wow, this is amazing. I’m going to take this to heart and work through your suggestions. Love, love, love this!

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