Get going with small goals!


As we begin a new year there is so much excitement…

Out with the old, in with the new.

Time to start fresh.

Set your new year's resolutions/goals.

Get back on track.

Learn something new.

And the list could go on!. It is “tradition” to get motivated with the beginning of a new year. Many people choose goals related to health, finances, planning/organization, travel and relationships.

Chances are you fall into one of two categories:

  1. You have goals, a plan and are really excited to get going!
  2. You are overwhelmed with all the new year’s excitement and aren’t really sure where to start.

If you are in the first category, that is great! Stick with what is working, keep people around you for support and stay on track.For those of us (and this includes me) who are in the second category, let’s dig in on why this could be happening. I want to share with you a little about how I have been working through everything through the first few weeks of 2019.

I ended 2018 just like any other month. I expected to be excited for the new year and I just wasn’t. I was hard on myself, for not getting into the NYE spirit but it just wasn’t in me. About 4 days into 2019 I realized, It’s just another week. For me there wasn’t a push to set goals or do new things. I continued being hard on myself (which was no help at all) and then finally decided I really wanted to see what this was all about for me.

Fortunately I have some great friends, family and resources (meditation and journaling in this case) to help me work through this time. With this i was finally able to find clarity on what was going on. I felt like there were to many things from 2018 that I still wanted to finish and work on. “Starting fresh” or “starting over” just didn’t feel right. I wanted to pick some things up that had been left being. I had to acknowledge and really process that I start to many different things but get distracted or lazy and just move on to something else.

For me, I decided that it was time to FINISH. To pick up some projects, and goals that had been left to gather dust.

How are you feeling about 2019? What is one small project/goal you want to start with?

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