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You know I am all for positivity. But this is something that is really important to talk about. 

So let me say I love you. I share what is on my heart in hopes that at least one person benefits from sharing what is coming up in my world….

I have talked to so many friends recently who are putting a smile one their face but behind the scenes are really struggling and feeling so much pressure with everything that is happening in life. 

I really struggled with this next section. I actually removed it, because as I read it I became sad. But the reality is, this needs to be shared and brought up so we can work through it.



To bury or drown beneath a huge mass.

To give too much of a thing to (someone).

To inundate.

To be too strong.

To overpower in thought or feeling.

Other words that you may also relate to...

  • crush, 
  • devastate, 
  • floor, 
  • grind (down), 
  • oppress, 
  • overcome, 
  • overmaster, 
  • overpower, 
  • prostrate, 
  • snow under, 
  • swamp, 
  • whelm

Ok...So take a minute and feel what is coming up for you. 

This is likely making you uncomfortable...I encourage you to stick with my.

Right now, today, in this season of life, what is overwhelming for you. Is it piles of laundry? Is it too many things on your calendar? Is it piles of papers that you need to go through? Is it the cabinet that is a mess and causes stress everytime you open it? Whatever it is, write it down! I am serious...take a minute and make a list of what is overwhelming you right now. 

At what point are you willing to say ENOUGH?

At what point are you willing to step back and take a deep breath?

At what point are you willing to take a hard or uncomfortable action (short term)that will reduce the pressure you put on yourself (long term)?

At what point will you be willing to talk to someone who can provide a sounding board?

At what point are you willing to STOP and make a reasonable plan?

I recently heard from a friend that she was feeling very overwhelmed. She didn’t know what to do but was recognizing that something needed to change. She had been paralyzed for quite some time. All the overwhelm caused her to avoid what needed to be done to the point that things got bigger and even more overwhelming. (Does this sound familiar?)

We decided to get on a video call and talk about what was going on. I wanted to see if we could figure out a way to help her begin to work through overwhelm, get her unstuck and even, hopefully, find some clarity. 

She has a business, is a single mom and is at a crossroads in her life and business. 

Being very in tune she knew that she was avoiding a big task in particular that had continued to get bigger the longer it was left alone. We were able to come up with a first step. This first step will allow her to organize everything into a few big categories in a way that will stop it from getting bigger. She will now be able to move forward from today, and what was overwhelming will not get any bigger.

It is important to know that she still has work to do. The project isn’t done. I don’t encourage the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. What I do support is getting started, taking whatever step is necessary to feel progress and to create mental space and clarity in a way that allows for continued progress.

She is also entering a new season of life and for this reason is needing to pivot her mission (how she wants to help people) and therefore her business is going to take a shift. We talked about how she could start to do this without a ton of extra effort or money. Now she is able to work towards a new goal and allow herself some extra grace and space to create what is next.

I am sharing this second part because when we are at a crossroads or changing of season in our life, that alone is enough to bring up a level of overwhelm that, if we aren’t aware, can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and becoming paralyzed with our actions. Even though I know your story is different and we all have unique circumstances, what runs deep is that we need to take a step back, get support, make a starter plan, and take a step. 

It isn’t important to create a complete roadmap. 

Even the smallest step needs to be valued. That one step will open up a new path and if you allow it, another, and another, and another...

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