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Exhausted...Trying to make better choices!

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10:42 pm 11:45 pm 12:42 am 1:42 am 2:45 am 3:44 am 4:42 am 5:43 am Those are all the times I woke up last night.  Ridiculous right!? Well...when a baby is teething everything seems to get a little crazy.  SO needless to say, as I type this...I am exhausted. But it is important that I share this message… Being tired, overwhelmed and struggling are all part of life. Of course we hope they aren’t the norm but in some season of life, they are.  In the past I would have had multiple cups of coffee first thing. Maybe I...

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Reality Check...Overwhelm

Optimal Mind Stress

You know I am all for positivity. But this is something that is really important to talk about.  So let me say I love you. I share what is on my heart in hopes that at least one person benefits from sharing what is coming up in my world…. I have talked to so many friends recently who are putting a smile one their face but behind the scenes are really struggling and feeling so much pressure with everything that is happening in life.  I really struggled with this next section. I actually removed it, because as I read it...

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