Why not TODAY!?


No matter what day you are reading this, TODAY is the day! 

The day for what???

This is something I am asking myself every day right now. Just like you, some times I let a busy schedule lead to overwhelm. It is so easy to shut down and just do what it absolutely needed to get by. But you know what!? It feels awful.

I hate feeling like the days are just passing. I hate feeling tired. I hate realizing (and admitting) that I have not been focusing to "Thrive Daily". 

Right now lets ask ourselves:

What are three small things I can do today to feel better???

Its not about tomorrow or when X, Y, Z happens. Do it TODAY. You will be happy you did!


***I just started using the "Smart Life Push Journal". If you are interested in really hitting the rest button on your health and life let me know (thrivedailylife@gmail.com) and we can do this together. (No strings attached. Just like minded people supporting each other in healthy change)



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