Happy October


Happy October!!! There is a chill in the air (here in Tahoe anyway!), pumpkins are everywhere and the scent of cinnamon feels warm and inviting.

It is so easy to fall into all things comfortable. For many of us warm comfort foods with cozy blankets and movie marathons on the couch become more common. I personally find it VERY easy to slow down and find every reason to me lazy.

When this happens I feel my energy fall, my health struggle and my overall mental well being start to become less positive. The month of October swiftly takes us to Halloween, quickly rolls into Thankgiving and quickly becomes Christmas, New Years Eve and then we look back wondering what happened to the last three months.

This year is going to be different. This year we are going to take on the last quarter of the year with intention, health, happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Imagine what it will feel like to roll into January feeling great and already having incredible momentum toward whatever you want accomplish.

And don’t worry...I am not going to propose that we do anything crazy. I am not going to tell you it's time to change your whole life (although if it times for you, I am here to support that!).

What I am going to focus on is a few small but mighty tasks that are done every day. Being consistent with the things that really matter for our health and well being.  

What are three (or up to five)  steps/tasks/things that if done every day you feel better?? Here are mine…

  1. Take all my supplements - These help boost my immune system, fill in nutrient deficiencies and combat stress.
  2. Move - It might be a 30 minute walk, yoga or a more intense workout, but when I make a conscious effort to get moving daily my mind is in a better place.
  3. Meditation - Taking time to be alone and listen to a guided meditation or just sit quietly really helps me slow down and allows my mind to come back to what is important and allows me to tap into my bigger purpose.
  4. Drink 50 oz water - I notice when I drink at least this much water I overall just feel better (more energy, skin is healthier and digestion improves).
  5. Journal - As a mom, wife, sister, friend and well just being human I find that my thoughts can start to race and be overwhelming at times. When I get out my journal and just start writing my thoughts it helps me get them out of my head and also leads to processing of what i have in my head so I can move through whatever is going on faster and often more gracefully.

If this sound like they are good for you please use them. If not pick whatever make you feel your best and healthiest.

Please leave a comment below with your 3-5 healthy steps you are going to focus on daily for the rest of the year!

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