Thrive Daily - Summer Progress Group


Seeking moms who are want to be present with their kids and their health this summer!

Dear Amazing Mom,

As summer begins all the wonderful adventures begin to get underway. The scenes go through our head of all the fun that can be had with extra time and beautiful weather.

But we also know that it is easy to get overwhelmed and allow one day to melt into the next. We get tired and the plan we had for healthy meals and exercise slip away without much thought. By Fourth of July we are eating less healthy than makes us feel good and all our energy goes to the kids so we are tired and feeling run down.

This summer is going to be different. We are going to take care of ourselves, so we can take better care of our family. We are going to feed ourselves healthy, so we can do the same for others. We are the rock and we set the examples for everyone around us. 




Think about this... 

What if you had simple recipes that were healthy?

What if you had quick workouts that your kids could even do with you?

What if you had daily support to stick with your plan?

What if you had a weekly health focus?

What if you had guidance in mental health and well-being?

What if you could share your struggles to get guidance?

What if you had someone who could celebrate each small victory with you?

THIS is what the Thrive Daily - Summer Progress Group is all about.

 June 25th - Aug 19


Already have a vacation planned??? GREAT!!! This is set up to take anywhere and will help you stay focused before and after your trip.

The value is so amazing for this program that you will not want to let anything get in the way of this opportunity.


Over 8 weeks you will get…

  • Two one hour individual phone or video support sessions. ($198 value)
  • Two 20 minute workouts that can be done anywhere, no equipment needed. ($99 value)
  • Weekly recipes that are simple, contain only real food ingredients and are quick.
  • Weekly health focus with support, tips and tricks to make it part of your daily habits
  • Weekly live video with support and tips
  • Weekly meditation and mental wellbeing topics and tips.
  • Group setting so you can be supported by other moms.

During the this 8 weeks session we will cover topics including (but not limited to)...




Stress Management


Creating Habits

Natural Living

Mental Well-Being.