We Are Better Together
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We Are Better Together

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I have been a health and fitness professional for all of my adult life.
When I was a full time personal trainer a felt like people needed as much support in life and with nutrition as they did with workouts.
When I worked in hospital nutrition I saw how much coaching and support people needed (and weren't getting) when they left the hospital.
As a competitive gymnastics coach I watched kids be stressed out, pressured and malnourished (not because they didn't eat, but they didn't eat enough of the right stuff to fuel their body.)
Working in a healing center and wellness office for most of the last 5 I see how much confusion there is around health and that helping educate people and coach them through change is so vital to whatever condition they come into the office for. 
Why am I telling you this?!
Because I know I can help a lot more people!
Right now I am offering a 4 sessions coaching package.
This includes:
- 4 one hour calls/video conferences for 4 consecutive weeks
- Identify the main health and life concerns that you are ready to improve on
- Guidance in determining and planning for your priorities
Strategic planning for your life/schedule
- Recipe and nutrition guidance and accountability
- Support with fitness goal setting and planning
- Email support through-out the time of your sessions
Let's get you started today!

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